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Situated in the picturesque Upper Murray region of North East Victoria, John and Margaret Webster's grove of 1,500 trees was planted in 1999 and has been producing high quality oil since 2003. The grove is located on a cattle station that has been operating since the 1830s.

With views of the Snowy Mountains and frontage to the Murray River, the grove is in an ideal geographic location to produce excellent fruit. The cold winter and hot summer temperatures provide the climatic conditions for their distinctive oils. With six varieties of olives grown, the oils are produced from a
combination of varieties when each variety is at its optimum ripeness.

The olive farm is located at latitude 35.59, longitude 147.57 at an altitude of 280
meters above sea level.

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Margaret and John Webster


335 River Road, Welaregang NSW 2642

Mobile Phone:  0412 486 838

Email: info@uppermurrayolives.com.au

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